Question: What Is A Black Zodiac Sign??

They come under the BLACK ZODIAC.

The Black Zodiac is the dark counterpart of the Western Astrological Zodiac.

What is the evil Zodiac sign?

Sagittarius- Everyone knows they’re evil but them.

Undoubtedly one of the most potentially evil signs in the zodiac.

Can a Leo be introverted?

Regardless of how they choose to shine in this world, there are two types of Leos, the introverts and the extroverts. The more introverted Leos will shine. They will have some talent whether it’s creative or intellectual. Though no Leo will ever out-flirt a Libra, they will come close.

Why is the Chinese zodiac important?

Cultural Significance. The Chinese zodiac is an important factor to the Chinese culture. The signs have been used for a very long time as a way of dating years in a 12-year cycle of the Chinese calendar. The importance of the zodiac to the Chinese culture is that the animal signs have been used in stories and folklore.

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