Quick Answer: What Does The Rat Represent In Chinese Zodiac??

The Rat symbolizes strong vitality in culture for two reasons.

One reason is that the Rat has a strong reproductive capacity with a high survival rate, and about 5,000 babies are born to one female rat each year.

The other reason is the Rat’s fertility.

What is the personality of the Year of the Rat?

The Year of Rat—Characteristics/Personalities. Rat is the first in the 12-year-cycle of Chinese zodiac signs. People born in the year of rat are generally born with the zodiac rat characteristics. They are believed to be very industrious and thrifty, diligent and positive.

Are rats lucky in 2019?

Overall Luck:

People born in the year of Chinese zodiac Rat have a just so-so fortune in 2019. People born in the year of Chinese zodiac Rat have a not bad luck in 2020. They have pretty good luck in making money.

What Chinese zodiac is compatible with the rat?

In general, Rats’ best matches come from Ox, Dragon and Monkey according to Chinese zodiac compatibility rules. They can live an everlasting and happy marriage life together. However, they should avoid Horse and Rooster in case of divorcing tragedy.

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