FAQ: When Is The Auspicious Tithi Day To Start A Job Astrology?

Which Tithi is good for joining job?

2) Assessment of Lunar Day:

Lunar day has a crucial role in deciding the good times of joining in a Govt. job. One can join in all lunar days except 4th, 9th and 14th lunar days i.e. Rikta tithi.

Which day is good for joining a new job in 2020?

Below chart contains Below chart contains the auspicious days to join a job in 2020.

Shubh Muhurat For Joining New Job 2020
Date Time
26/04/2020 11:27-16:05
27/04/2020 16:01-18:17
30/04/2020 08:57-13:31

What is considered an auspicious time to start new ventures?

Preferably select a day when Moon is strong in a chart. New moon day is an inauspicious day as per astrology. On the other hand, the full moon day is the most favorable day to initiate any new venture or business.

Is Today Good day to start business?

Know what are the best days to start a business according to astrology or which nakshatra is best to start a business for success.

Best Day to Start a Business As Per Astrology in May 2021.

Date Muhurat Time
01st May 11:08 AM to 15:46 PM
06th May 15:26 PM to 18:04 PM
07th May 06:35 AM to 13:05 PM

Is Navami good day to start?

Generally called ashtami navami, these two tithis that run consequently, are not considered auspicious for beginning any new endeavours. Navami is ruled by Surya, division is Rikta, deity is Naga. If Navami falls on a saturday, it is considered an auspicious day.

Is pournami good day to start new things?

However, these days do not eat non-veg food because this day to worship for Lord Shiva. This Pournami puja indicates a bright full night. Generally, avoid starting new things, for the reason of after the day comes waxing moon.

What is auspicious time today?

Today’s Choghadiya Muhurat for Bangalore (Tuesday, December 29, 2020)

Choghadiya Entry Time Auspicious /Inauspicious
Kaal 6:02:56 PM Inauspicious Choghadiya
Laabh 7:37:39 PM Auspicious Choghadiya
Udveg 9:12:22 PM Inauspicious Choghadiya
Shoobh 10:47:05 PM Auspicious Choghadiya

Is Tuesday a good day to join new job?

This single weekday is the best day for job seekers to apply and get hired. Tuesday is not only the best day out of the week for job seekers to apply for a job, but it’s also the day most people are hired.

Is Friday a good day?

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday are considered to be the auspicious days to start the medicine. Friday is the best day to buy new clothes and other wearing materials. There is no specific day except Saturday considered to be the best day to buy shoes.

How do you find auspicious time?

Look up the English Month and date in the Panchanga. You will find Thithi( waxing and Waning of the Moon-from New Moon to Full Moon is called Sukla Paksha,which is auspicious; Full Moon to New Moon is Krishna Paksha is inauspicious-Avoid Dates falling in Krishna Paksha). Avoid Ashtami and Navami Thithis. Next is Yoga.

Which is important Tithi or Nakshatra?

Tithi plays an important role along with nakshatra in Hindus’ daily as well as special activities in selecting the muhurta. There are auspicious tithis as well as inauspicious tithis, each considered more propitious for some purposes than for other.

What are good Nakshatras?

Each zodiac sign contains two and one-fourth Nakshatras. It is well known that nakshatras like Rohini, Swati, Dhanishta, Revati and Pushya are fruitful in that regard.

Which Tithi is good and bad?

Panchang – Good vara, tithi,

  • General purpose good Tithi: 2 (Dwitiya), 3 (Tritiya), 5 (Panchami), 7 (Saptami), 10 (Dashami), 11 (Ekadashi), 13 (Trayodashi — shukla paksha only).
  • Good Tithi for Wedding: All days (Vaara) are good for wedding.

Can I be successful in business astrology?

If you wish to know whether business is suitable for you, then you must look at the 2nd, 7th and 9th houses of your horoscope. If Mercury sitting in the 2nd, 7th, 10th or 11th house is benefic or connected with the ruler of the 2nd, 9th or 10th house of your horoscope, then you are going to do well in business.

What is Abhijit muhurat?

It is calculated on the basis of the sunrise and sun set in that particular city. Abhijit word itself means victorious. so Abhijit Muhurta is the timing at which the event or activity initiated will make the native victorious. It is ideal Muhurat to initiate any activity except marriage or Upnayan.

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