Quick Answer: Who Is Gemini Most Compatible With Sexually??

Gemini’s sexual style clicks best with Libra, Sagittarius and Aquarius and clashes most with Virgo and Pisces.

WHAT’S SEXY ABOUT GEMINI: its playfulness; its wit; its flexibility.

What sign is Gemini attracted to?

Basically as Gemini is the sign of twins, there’s that fun, mystical side that is interested in Sagittarius’ spontaneous and playful nature, Mesa says. Other signs attracted to Sagittarius: Aries and Leo.

What is a Gemini’s soulmate?

Gemini Soulmate. If your partner is a Gemini, love is an ever-changing, joyful game. They can be whatever you want them to be, and may in fact see what you are looking for in a lover and become that. They can be a roaring Leo, or a fiery Aries, a stable Taurus or a pensive Pisces.

Can Geminis fall in love?

Gemini people fall in love very quickly because they are actually falling in love with themselves. Seriously, they read themselves into another person.

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