What Does The 6th House Mean In Astrology?

Which planet is good in 6th house?

A wonderful planet placement for a joyful life is found when Venus is in the sixth house. A sixth-house Venus can find joy in the routine tasks of maintaining the body, keeping up with chores and doing work carefully.

What sign is the 6th house?

The twelve houses

House Related Sign Latin motto
5th Leo Nati
6th Virgo Valetudo
7th Libra Uxor
8th Scorpio Mors

Is 6th house bad?

Sixth House In Vedic Astrology

Sixth is one of the house in Financial Trine which generates money through day to day activity. Few negative facts we can consider about this house are bad health,open enemy, obstacles, legal issues,personal crisis,nature of illness, servant, any kind of medical treatment, debt.

What do each of the houses mean in astrology?

The astrological houses define the exact areas of your life your horoscope is referring to. For instance, each house represents something completely unique; they determine the different types of people, places, and life circumstances you encounter in this lifetime.

What happens if Guru is in 6th house?

Jupiter/ Guru in 6th house in Kundli/ Horoscope and Finance

The native will earn very well through his profession and daily work and may get the benefits of multiple sources of income. This placement of Jupiter in this house gives success and money through agriculture as well.

Who is the Lord of 6th House?

The owner of the sixth house, Saturn and Rahu are significators for illness. The influence of these planets on any house causes disease relating to parts of the body represented by that house. If Saturn becomes the owner of the sixth house it becomes more representative of the disease.

What if my 6th house is empty?

If Sun or Moon are placed in the second house, then the Mars in the fourth house is not considered malicious. Mercury and Rahu are considered to be exalted in the sixth house. When the sixth house is empty, then there is no planet to aspect the twelfth house as well.

What is the 6th house ruled by?

Taurus Ruling the Sixth House.

What Are Big Three signs?

In astrology, your Big Three refers to your sun sign, moon sign, and ascendant sign in your natal chart.

How can I make my 6th House stronger?


  1. Accepting with endurance, patience and having a stoic attitude.
  2. Having the discipline to go to work daily.
  3. Discipline to do regular exercise ad eat in moderation with diet.

What happens if Moon is in 6th house?

Special effects of Moon in 6th house in Astrology

Moon in 6th house always gives digestive troubles to the natives due to anxiety and stress. Overeating or overindulgence will destroy the digestive and immune system of the natives as their immune system will always be delicate.

What does Venus in 6th house mean?

When Venus placed in sixth house of horoscope, can give some malefic results. specially when placed with some malefic planets or Venus it self is a functional malefic. If Venus placed in sixth house in watery signs like cancer, Scorpio or Pisces the person will be immoral and indulged in sexual activities.

Which house is more powerful in astrology?

Because the angular houses are the most powerful places in the chart (Lilly says “Planets in angles do more forcibly show their effects”), succedent houses—which are less powerful than the angular but more powerful than the cadent houses—also have a quality of appertaining to the angular houses, much as a

What does the first house represent?

The 1st House

Defined by the Ascendant, the First House defines you. It represents the body you were born with, your physical appearance, and your general temperament.

Which house is money in astrology?

The 8th house in Astrology is a succedent one and is ruled by the zodiac sign of Scorpio and planet Pluto. It is considered the house of sex, power, of other people’s money, death and rebirth. It also rules the occult, magic and mysticism and other transformative experiences.

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