Question: What Is A Scorpio’s Personality??

Like its fellow water signs, Cancer and Pisces, Scorpio is extremely clairvoyant and intuitive.

Scorpios simply know what they want and aren’t afraid to work hard and play the long game to get it.

They never show their cards, and their enigmatic nature is what makes them so seductive and beguiling.

What does November 2nd mean?

Check out your birth date meaning. November 2nd is the day of transformation. Those born on November 2nd are usually busy with all kinds of transformations. The changes they made ​​are both in themselves and the environment. They are some characters that change actions only by their presence, both in good and in bad.

What is November personality?

Those born from the beginning of the month through November 21 are classified as the passionate Scorpio. Everyone else (born November 22 to the end of the month) are Sagittarius, and they’re generous souls with a sense of humor. Both zodiac signs share a strength in character.

Are Cancer and Scorpio a good match?

Scorpio and Cancer Compatibility

Scorpio Cancer is one of your very best sign matches (tied with Pisces), you’re both highly emotional, intuitive, empathetic, very possessive, very loyal, and will each make the other feel more loved than in potentially any other match.

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